Latest News:  4/2/16     WE HAVE OUR BABIES!!!!   Please welcome Rusty & Molly. They are the most precious things ever.    

This website is still under construction - please be patient as we continue to update info.  for you.

Welcome to our personal website -         please come on in and have a look!

March/April 2016 - I no longer will be working due to we FOUND OUR FUR BABIES!!!  We offically get them on 4/2 and I can't wait!!!   

Jan/Feb 2016

Well, with the holidays behind us, winter upon us - time to be stuck inside enjoying the nice fireplace.  Happy Valentine's Day to all. :-)


Well, Tim had heart surgery and I ended up having back surgery.  We both healed well and went on vacation to Grand Cayman island and had a wonderful time which we needed to relax and enjoy the sun.


Wow, I can't believe the summer is over and my favorite time of year is upon us again.   We have officially been in our new home for 1 year!  :-)   I hope everyone enjoys the crisp weather and yummy fall dinners and all the kids enjoy and have a wonderful HALLOWEEN!  


Happy July 4th and a Happy Birthday to my wonderful Husband!   I can't believe the summer is already 1/2 over :-(     Time for BBQ and celebrations.  Lots of birthdays and cookouts to attend.

May/June '15

Happy Memorial Day!  I salute all those men and women who made it possible for us to have our freedom!  Summer is finally arrived.....bring on the sun and flowers  ( and yardwork) LOL   (poor hubby got poison oak/ivy from trying to cut the bushes on sides of house) -- that will teach him from playing in the bushes LOLApril/May15--HAPPY SPRING!!!

 Yaaah, snow has finally melted!  Time to enjoy the outdoors :-)


Feb/Mar15--Well, I just wanted to wish everyonea very


Dec14/Jan15--Merry Christmas to everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Wow, what a wonderful few months it has been  -

We had a great Holiday in our New Home and celebrated the New Year 

Now, on to those resolutions to lose that weight  LOL

Nov'14--HAPPY FALL!Gobble-Gobble!  

We wish everyone a Happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving.....  :-) 

OCT'14 --Happy Fall and Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Char is in her glory as this is her favorite time of year,  mine too I guess as now we get to eat delicious yummy comfort food and snuggle under blankets and by our new fireplace !!!    :-)

I hope you all are enjoying the crisp New England weather.

Sept '14 ---WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!!!

We are now homeowners and couldn't be more excited.....

Please take a look at some pics in our gallery on what it looks like - 

I can't wait for everyone to come see it   :-)




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