Latest News:  4/2/16     WE HAVE OUR BABIES!!!!   Please welcome Rusty & Molly. They are the most precious things ever.    

This website is still under construction - please be patient as we continue to update info.  for you.

My Pets

***UPDATE:   WE HAVE OUR PRECIOUS BABIES!!!  I can't wait for all our family & friends to meet them. We have named them Rusty & Molly and they are a brother&sister BichPoo.


I am very fond of animals and used to have a dog growing up.  My wife also had a dog growing up.   We hope to get two Bichonpoos in future, as these are a combination of the dogs we both had growing up.  I can't wait til the day I come home to have these adorable fur-children greet me at door.

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