Latest News:  4/2/16     WE HAVE OUR BABIES!!!!   Please welcome Rusty & Molly. They are the most precious things ever.    

This website is still under construction - please be patient as we continue to update info.  for you.

My Home

Sept '15-  We've had some setbacks with health issues,  Tim has had poison ivy about 3x now.  Still haven't done much with house except some bark mulch and plants.  more to do but its a slow process. We will get house ready eventually  LOL


Summer 2015- I've been busy trying to get rid of bushes in back of yard, in midst of it all- I ended up with lovely poison ivy and well, its been a challenge.  Poor wife ended up with a herniated disc in her back so she hasn't been enjoying the yard work with me....  we will get there, just going to take time is all.  We'll keep you posted when and if we get a fence and we have put off getting our fur-babies until next spring/summer due to no fence yet and our work schedules not allowing either of us to be able to be home to train the pups.  Don't worry, we will let all know when we do get them.


Winter 2015-  LOTS of projects for me to do around this place  LOL

Looking to get the yard fenced in soon as ground thaws out so that we can go ahead with our plan to get our fur-babies :-)


9/18/14-****UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE -  We now have our own home and couldn't be more proud of being a homeowner and able to do projects on it.....  This is such an exciting time for us both and we are so excited to show our family and friends our new little piece of heaven.  :-)





Our New Home :-) Sept 2014
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